Anita Compression Bra

Discover Comfort and Confidence with Our Professional Bra Fitting

Did you know that at Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphatic Solutions, we provide expert guidance on professionally fitted bras? The right compression bra is not just about comfort, it also plays a crucial role in your recovery after breast surgery. Specifically chosen for their role in supporting individuals managing the effects of breast cancer treatment, the Anita compression bras are designed to offer comfort, confidence, and relief during this crucial phase of your life. Find out more about our bra fitting services below.


Understanding the Importance of a Compression Bra

A compression bra is more than just a garment; it’s a key element in promoting wound healing after breast surgery, reducing the risk of breast cancer related lymphoedema (BCRL). Specifically designed to shape the tissue correctly and symmetrically, these bras exert gentle pressure to support the affected tissue during the healing process. The length of time for wearing a compression bra is individually determined by your attending physician.

Forgoing a compression bra in favour of alternatives like sports bras, or wearing an ill-fitting compression bra, poses risks such as compromised wound healing, increased chance of lymphoedema, and the potential for asymmetry or deformities. A properly fitted compression bra provides the necessary support to facilitate a smooth recovery.


Why Professional Bra Fitting Matters

Our professional fitting service caters to the unique needs of individuals who have undergone lymph node removal or face lymphatic issues. Professionally fitted bras play a crucial role in managing breast oedema symptoms and reducing the risk of lymphoedema. They are designed to promote lymphatic drainage, shape the breast area, and provide essential support.


Benefits of Anita Compression Bras & Lymph O Fit™

  • Lymph O Fit™ technology: a 3D/raised dot texture that offers a massaging and draining effect, enhancing lymphatic drainage and aiding in scar regression. The material’s excellent moisture-wicking and breathability ensure continuous comfort throughout your treatment process.
  • Implant Stabilisation: Our specialist Anita Compression Bras play a vital role in preventing implants from shifting after breast surgery. Proper pressure ensures that implants are fixed in their intended position, preventing asymmetry and deformities.
  • Healing Support: Experience safe tissue regrowth under the gentle pressure of our compression bras. By minimising scar formation and reducing stress on nerves, our bras provide unparalleled support, reducing the risk of inflammation and stretch damage.


Restoring Confidence, One Bra at a Time

Our commitment goes beyond therapeutic benefits. Professionally fitted bras contribute significantly to restoring self-esteem. We take pride in offering patient-centered, multidisciplinary care to ensure you receive the right products supporting your individual needs, helping you feel your best during recovery.


Discover the comfort and confidence that comes with a professionally fitted bra. Reach out to Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphatic Solutions on (02) 4312 7033 to explore how our fitting services can enhance your breast cancer recovery.