Cancer Rehabilitation: Empowering Your Path to Recovery

Cancer Rehabilitation: Empowering Your Path to Recovery

Here at Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphatic Solutions, our mission is to empower & support individuals who have endured cancer surgery and treatment in regaining their strength, mobility, and vitality.


The Vital Role of Rehabilitation in Cancer Recovery

Rehabilitation services play a crucial role in supporting cancer patients throughout their recovery. These services help patients regain physical strength, restore emotional well-being, and enhance their overall quality of life.


Comprehensive Therapy for Holistic Recovery

We believe there are five targeted areas of therapy that aide in recovery:


Physical Therapy focuses on improving strength, mobility, and physical function, mitigating issues like lymphoedema, fatigue and pain.


Occupational Therapy specialises in managing the side effects of cancer treatment, enabling patients to perform daily tasks as independently as possible, from self-care to exercise.


Speech Therapy addresses issues related to speaking, swallowing or cognitive functions.


Psycho-oncology Services provide vital mental health support, helping patients manage the emotional and psychological challenges associated with cancer and its treatment.


Nutritional Counselling ensures cancer patients receive adequate nourishment, aiding in weight management and mitigating treatment side effects.


Each discipline plays a crucial role in holistic cancer care.


Holistic Approach to Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation adopts a comprehensive approach, addressing not only the medical but also the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of patient recovery. This approach is essential for helping patients regain their quality of life.


Continuing the Journey

It’s important to remember that the path to recovery doesn’t end with diagnosis or treatment. It continues through the critical post-treatment phase of rehabilitation.


Focusing on Comprehensive Cancer Care

Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphatic Solutions, located in Erina, is the only private clinic on the Central Coast that exclusively specialises in providing cancer rehabilitation and lymphoedema expert services.


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