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Welcome to Coastal Rehab Hub

Helping Coasties recover faster and more effectively with physical rehabilitation services all under the one roof – this is Coastal Rehab Hub!

Since launching Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphatic Solutions in 2017, local leading Occupational Therapist (OT) and Lymphoedema Therapist, Kate Perkins, has found her services to be so in demand that she has now expanded her premises to cater to even more Coasties accelerating physical rehab and getting them back doing what they love faster. Welcome to Coastal Rehab Hub!

Conveniently located in Erina on the Central Coast, Coastal Rehab Hub offers patients a premium and comprehensive allied health rehabilitation centre, providing high quality services to aid in quicker and more effective physical rehabilitation recovery from surgeries, sports injuries, cancer treatment, and other various conditions.

Kate Perkins Coastal Rehab Hub Cancer Lymphatic Solutions

Local physical rehabilitation trailblazer and passionate founder of Coastal Rehab Hub, Kate Perkins says “our aim is to make your recovery as easy and seamless as possible, with all your rehab services under the one roof supported by your own unified team”.

Coastal Rehab Hub also pride themselves on utilising the most advanced technology and techniques backed by evidence-based practice. This combined with “access to some of the most highly skilled, multidisciplinary rehabilitation health professionals on the Central Coast, ensure that our team work together to ensure the best possible outcomes. Patients are supported to regain their strength and confidence in a warm and welcoming environment” explains Perkins.


Allied health services at the new facility include:

  • Cancer Rehab

Founded by leading Cancer Rehab Occupational Therapist (OT) and Lymphoedema Therapist, Kate Perkins, Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphatic Solutions assists in early detection and intervention of cancer related lymphoedema. They are dedicated to helping people who have undergone surgery and related treatment for cancer gain recovery of strength, movement, and energy.

  • MLS Laser Therapy

The first on the Central Coast to offer this advanced laser therapy technology courtesy of Heal With Laser and ASA Laser. Photobiomodulation Therapay (PBMT) using MLS Laser helps to overcome the painful symptoms typical of musculoskeletal disorders, post operative inflammation, side effects of cancer related treatments and more, so that patients can return to everyday activities faster.

  • Exercise Physiology

Founded by Rhiannon Walton, Conveniently Active are a team of Exercise Physiologists who prescribe exercise to people with Chronic Health Conditions. They provide evidence-based exercise programs that are tailored to you, making sure that you’re moving your body in a way that’s both effective and fun!

  • Dietitian

A lot of nutrition advice today is based on misinformation, restriction, and guilt. The Eatsense Accredited Practising Dietitians provide realistic, tailored and scientifically-backed nutrition advice that makes sense, personalised to your needs. Their vision is to teach people to prioritise themselves, enjoy delicious and nourishing food and live a healthy and happy life – all in a friendly and non-judgmental environment!

  • Online Breast Cancer Recovery Program

The revolutionary Bounce Back From Breast Cancer program offers completely personalised, guided recovery and rehabilitation for women anywhere in the world, that they can access in the comfort of their own loungeroom.


It doesn’t stop there, with Coastal Rehab Hub offering specialist consulting room rental for visiting medical specialists, and physiotherapy coming soon.


To find out more contact Coastal Rehab Hub on (02) 4312 7033 or visit