Your '3 Simple Exercises To Regain Strength' Videos

Thank you for joining me in your next step to regaining your movement and strength to enable you to return to doing the things you love doing!

Your 3 videos are now ready for you to download. I have chosen these stretches and strength-based exercise from the Strength After Breast Cancer program I teach my clients, as they are so simple yet effective in increasing your shoulder and body movements quickly.

Try this 'Behind The Arm' stretch

This is a progressive stretch which will gradually increase your ability to lift your arms up to your ears. By increasing your range to lift your arms above your head, it not only allows you to perform normally simple tasks like washing/brushing your hair, or hanging out the washing, but stretches out any remaining scar tissue from surgery or radiation therapy.

(If you have just had surgery, please check with your surgeon for the go ahead to lift your arms beyond 90 degrees)

When you are able to reach up above your head comfortably, try the next stage of this stretch as instructed in the video.

One of my favourites!

My clients love this lower back and torso stretch as well. Not only is it stretching out scar tissue under your arms, through your chest, and lower back… it’s also very relaxing!

By stretching out you lower back in this stretch, you are increasing your mobility which will allow you to move about freely, increasing your energy levels. The upper body part of the stretch, also increases your ability to lift your arms above your head, and stretches out any surgical or adhesive scar tissue. When you breathe with this gentle stretch, it naturally relaxes your body without forcing the stretch.

Time to strengthen!

Another one of my favourites… This chest press strength exercise not only opens up your chest, this simple exercise works on increasing your strength for lifting.

Start with a low weight, 500g to 1kg, to ensure you are performing the movement correctly.

In other words… Start Low and Progress Slow


I am passionate about breast cancer rehabilitation, helping women regain their strength and flexibility to return to performing day to day activities, and most importantly doing the things they love doing.

Warm regards,